Setting up E-Mail on a POP3 Client   (Outlook etc.)

Q: How do I create POP3 Email Accounts?
  Follow these steps:

Select your POP client and see instructions:

It is recommended using e-mail clients in order to avoid filling up your online mailbox. When this happens, incoming mail is rejected and does not reach your box. E-mail clients download mail to your computer and keep your online mailbox free of clutter, therefore ensuring that you receive all your mail.

NOTE: This information will be the same regardless of e-mail client:  
Your Email Address is: account@(yourdomain).com
Your Email Account Name is: account@(yourdomain).com
Your Email Member Password is: Account Password
POP3 & SMTP Server Address is: mail.(yourdomain).com*

*Important Issues

Q: Why am I able to receive mail but cannot connect and send e-mail with my SMTP server?
Your ISP does not allow you to use 3rd party SMTP server other then theirs.  To fix this CLICK HERE or contact your ISP and ask for their SMTP server to use.