how do i configure the entourage email client for mac?

Here is how to configure the Entourage client for Mac to use with your email accounts:

  1. Launch the Entourage email client on your Mac computer.
  2. Click on Entourage and select Account Settings.
  1. Click the New button.

  1. Select POP as Account type and click OK.
  1. Now, you have to enter the following information in the respective text fields:
Note: Please make sure to replace "" with your actual hosted domain name in all examples below.
  • Account name: select a name for your email account.
  • Name: this is the name which recipients will see in the "From" field of emails you send.
  • E-mail address: type your email address.
  • Account ID: type your complete email address as in the "E-mail address" field.
  • POP server: type
  • Password: type your email account password.
  • SMTP server: type


Important: You may also choose to use the SMTP server of your ISP. However, if you decide to use SCM servers as shown above (, please make sure that the SMTP server is enabled for the particular email box.

The outgoing Mailserver could be the outgoing mailserver provided by your ISP where you get your own internet connectivity. You will need to contact your ISP and ask them what this setting should be. Usually it is something like:

  1. Click on Click here for advanced sending options.
  1. Check SMTP Requires Authentication
  1. click OK.


3rd party Links/Resources for more information: