Q: How do I configure my WS_FTP Software?
See these instructions:

1. Connect your computer to the Internet.

2. Launch WS_FTP LE by clicking on the 'Start' button and then selecting 'Programs', then 'WS_FTP', and then 'WS_FTP95 LE'.

3. Creating your connection profile:

When WS_FTP LE first launches, it opens the Session Properties window.  Here is where you select which FTP site you want to connect to for this 'session'.

From this Session Properties window, click on the New button.


All fields should go blank. Now you can create a new FTP site 'Profile'.

4. The following information is what you'll need to connect to your Website:

Profile Name:       
Host Name/Address:      
Host Type:                  
User ID:
Save Pwd:
Anything you want
Automatic Detect
Your SCM Hosting Member ID
Uncheck box
Your Hosting Password
Optional, check to save password
Leave this empty
Leave this empty


Enter these values into the 'Session Properties'.


Be sure to check 'Save Password' so that you don't have to re-enter it every time you go to connect. Now click the Apply button.  Congratulations, you have successfully created an 'FTP Profile' in WS_FTP LE!

5. Now Click on the OK button and WS_FTP LE will connect you to your site.

Your screen should now look like this:

The left-hand side is a view of the files on your 'Local System' (your computer). The right-hand side is a view of the files on the 'Remote Site' (your hosting account space).


To transfer files between the left and right side, highlight a file and click on one of the two arrows located in between the panes.

Note: The default view of your Local System (left pane) is 'C:\Program Files\WS_FTP'. You can move up to 'C:\Program Files' by double-clicking the green up-arrow.  To move up to to 'C:\', double-click the up arrow again. To change to another drive letter, scroll down and double-click on any available drive

More Help

Q: Where can I see detailed instructions on how to install WS_FTP LE?
See this page:

Q: I am still having trouble installing WS_FTP LE. Is there more help?
Yes there is. Try this interactive tutorial: